Most websites lose money when they should be making it.

Hook explains why, showing you how to fix the problem.

This is big.

If you're in business you need customers.

Your website should be the digital lighthouse that draws customers to you.

Except yours hasn't.

At least not the way you need it to.

Your website has let you down. It hasn't produced the leads, sales and customers you need it to. It's either failed to get you the customers you need or it's attracted the wrong kind of customers.

Which is a serious problem if you're trying to grow your business.

You know these problems are serious. What you may not know is that
this isn't your fault.

Most of us have been lied to. Most entrepreneurs (including professionals in the design and advertising industry) have been trained to give customers the opposite of what they need.

It's amazing how often we see advice that focuses on secondary issues. Sure they're important, but most people shouldn't even be thinking about them before they've tackled the big problems. The size of your button, your call-to-action, the plugins you should install, etc. These secondary issues are important but all of that stops mattering if you don't have the basics in place.

And when you don't have the
foundation in place you tinker.

Many people come to us with the belief that if they redesign their website things will be okay. If they create the perfect site things will turn around and the money will begin to flow. They tinker with secondary issues because that's all anyone's ever told them about. So it makes perfect sense why they fight tooth and nail to get things right.

Because in their mind, their success depends on it.

So they redesign their site. After it's launched they spend money on advertising. They write articles and guest posts. They host events. They move heaven and earth to get people to come to their site. Yet when they do, the results are still the same.

Customers refuse to buy.

Customers need 9 things from you before they're ready to buy.

Hook explains things in detail using simple, easy-to-understand language.

Here's what you'll learn:


How to instantly attract and keep customer attention.

People tend to over rely on formulas or recipes when they don't fully understand something. Understanding the principles behind formulas gives you the ability to create whatever formula you want. We show you how to create instant attraction, keeping customers riveted on you.


Why customers don't seem to care about your solution to their problems.

It's kind of like walking into an office supply store. You're looking for a specialty item and you don't know where it is. What do most people say when an employee asks if they need help? "No thanks".


Why do they always seem to resist buying - even when they've admitted they need what you're offering?

Customers often have the desire and money to buy. They agree they need your product or service, that you're the best fit. Why is it so hard to close the sale? Why do they always seem to get 'stuck'?


How to fascinate and attract the type of customers you want.

Ever notice that people tend to glaze over when certain topics come up? When an engineer describes his job, people seem to glaze over, as if they're slowly slipping into a coma. That's a problem if you need customers. We show you how to make the mundane fascinating to your customers.


Discover the inevitable part of selling that gets worse when you avoid it.

There's a consistent problem in every transaction. It's a sales killer for businesses because they try to run from it. The thought is, "maybe if I act like it's not there they'll forget." Which only kills the sale.


Why it's a struggle to "seal the deal" and close the sale.

What-ifs are normal. What if there were a way to find and fix the 'what-ifs' before they became a problem? Our book shows you how.


How to find the presentation conflicts that prevent customers from buying.

Looks matter. But presentation is actually more than just looks. There's an intangible component to presentation that needs to match. You may look good, but get the intangible factors wrong and customers disappear.


How to move customers through the buying process naturally, without coercion or manipulation.

At the core, the same types of things attract our attention. There's a reason why girls love bad boys, we're freaked out by the same general things and we're drawn to scandals. How do you use this attraction honestly and effectively? We explain, showing you how to guide customers through the buying process without being pushy, manipulative or dishonest.

Here's what people are saying about Hook.


My online business has been at a low point lately and I've been researching like crazy to figure out why. I'm very happy I found this book because it really touches on a lot of things I never would have thought about otherwise, like the whole psychology behind attracting customers. I plan on putting some of these strategies to use right away and I'm pretty confident that they will be effective. This was a great read. Would recommend to anyone trying to grow their online business.


I've read a lot of personal growth/business strategy/self-help sorts of books, and I've noticed that content sometimes overlaps from book to book so they tend to blur together. Hook really is a delightful surprise in that regard. It feels fresh. The stories and examples were ones I hadn't heard before, the overall approach to the content (dividing into Story and Method) was engaging and effective. The Method section has very concrete actions YOU can take to improve your communication and present your product or service in a way that will attract your best customers: people who need and want what you're offering.

In short, Hook did what I always hope for in such a book: it made me think in new ways, it gave me concrete, actionable ideas for my own business, and I really felt like I'd learned something worthwhile from reading it. I also highly recommend this book.

Lea Shull

I like how they wrote this book which is a tough subject to make interesting. They used a story form so you could relate and then broke it down in very clear details.

He addresses issues like what is in it for me... as the customer. What are the common mistakes we make in websites that try to sell products or services. How do you need to word or rather address an issue. What IS the issue.

As a soap maker, I see all over the place websites saying, "and we make our soap in small batches to insure quality" Really? That is such a pet peeve of mine because what part of that statement makes any difference to me. What does 'small mean?" Is it two pounds or 100 lbs or a 1000 lbs and why does that even matter what size batch it is. Does your soap make me look 12 again? Does it cure anything? I have no idea, just that they make it in small batches, and who cares. He talks about that very thing in the book along with other detailed 'why's and how to's and done in both story form and discussion. I thought it was well done and worth the money for sure. It wasn't very expensive. Well done!

Donna M. Weigel

This book was not what I expected when telling readers about how to improve their websites. The first part of the book was a story to illustrate points he makes later in the book. Without the story in the first part of the book, I think the material would have been too dry to hold reader's attention.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has a website for their business. The book gives practical ways to look at your personal website objectively and what you can do generate more customers going to your site. I plan on using the information contained in this book for when I start a website for my own business.

Lisa Franklin, MSW, LSW

This book leaves the light on for you revealing profound "light bulb" moments, because the customer attracting concepts are easily understood being embedded in well worded, experiential based stories.

So many times in the past I've needed to take a proverbial shower after wasting my time reading another tired, retread of marketing lies and other such nonsense. What an incredibly refreshing surprise this book was!

J.G. Christian

It's one thing to drive traffic to your website. It's quite another to convert the traffic into a regular customer. Good information!

Lloyd L

Okay it works for them, what if it doesn't work for me?

Hook isn't supposed to work for you.
It's supposed to work for your customer.

Risk reversals aren't created for you. You're not objecting to your own products and you don't need to fascinate yourself. Which means that everything your website does should be about your customer.

The real question is whether it'll work for your customers.

The things we cover in Hook are part of human nature. We're all wired the same way. Sure, our preferences are different but we relate to things in the same way. These 9 steps are part of our decision making process.

Which is why the concepts in Hook work so well, it's in our nature.

What if you read the book and decide it just isn't for you?

Or you read it and decide the concepts are far too advanced for you right now? That it's not what you need right now? Will you be stuck with a book you don't want and can't use?

Introducing: Catch & Release

We'll give you 90 days to read Hook. Read through it, use the wizard, download our tools and resources. If you decide Hook isn't for you,contact us and we'll give you a full refund. Just send us your receipt and order details. Access to our website wizard and free tools are yours to keep!

So what's Included in Your HooktoWin Tacklebox?

Hook: Why Websites Fail to Make Money. (PDF)

The book is 164 pages and comes in two parts, Story and Method. The story illustrates each point, taking you through each character's experience. Prefer just the facts? Jump right to the method section where we share the nuts and bolts in detail. Looking for a deep understanding of the problems you face and how to fix them? Read both sections for the full story.

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    Customers in 12 countries around the world bought Hook.

  • 92%

    Positive feedback. Our customers are thrilled with Hook.

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    Direct Downloads and counting.

Presenting: The Bonuses

  • Free, Lifetime Access to our Website Wizard.

    Where do you start when you're done reading? Are you making the right changes? What if you do something wrong? Our website wizard is a free, comprehensive tool that guides you through each of the concepts we cover in Hook. We've spent more than 656 hours and $83,312 creating this and it's something we're offering free to readers (but only to those that have read Hook).

  • Reel: The 90 Day Playbook for Catching All-Star Customers.

    How do you find the customers that are willing to pay full price for your products again and again? How do you avoid bad customers, the kind that suck your business dry? We answer those questions and more in Reel. It's a 300+ page companion guide that gives you step-by-step instruction, taking you from day 1 to day 90.

  • Bait: Getting Your Customers to Respond.

    How do you squeeze objections out of customers that want to be nice? How do you find the customers that almost always give you A+ testimonials? How you spot bad customers before they've attached themselves to you and your business? In Bait we share answers to these questions and more, covering common problems and mistakes.

  • Get free access to our templates, worksheets, tools and guides.

    How do you get 5 page testimonials from your customers? How do you get your customers to promote your business naturally? Why do you need customers to throw objections at you? Our free templates, tools and guides give you straight forward answers you can start using today.

  • ePub and Mobi Formats.

    Hook and Bait come in ePub and Mobi formats. Take the Tacklebox with you wherever you go. Read on your smartphone, Kindle, iPad or Nook!

  • Focused Feedback.

    Our team will crtique your website and marketing materials, providing you with actionable feedback you can use to make specific changes right away. (Valued at $1,524.)

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  • Hook in PDF, Mobi & ePub formats
  • Free, Lifetime access to the Hook Website Wizard
  • Reel: The 90 Day Playbook for Catching All-Star Customers
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